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College Students & Recent College Graduates

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Why not start your career at the top? Join Gulfstream ― one of the most distinguished names in aerospace. You could find yourself developing the next generation of technologically advanced aircraft.

Gulfstream business jets are the aircraft of choice for presidents, prime ministers, CEOs and high-net-worth individuals. Our aircraft enable today’s leaders to achieve maximum productivity in a secure environment while satisfying the need for performance, comfort and safety in business travel.

Gulfstream employees continually challenge themselves. That’s how we’ve made significant advances in technology, aerodynamics and customer support. If you’re ready to accept a real challenge, then join us.

Internship Program

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A summer internship at Gulfstream is a one-time, career-building experience that directly relates to your college major. Our internships can enhance your skills and experiences ― within the setting of a world-class organization. An internship at Gulfstream can serve as a bridge between the world of academia and the "real world."

Gulfstream interns receive a competitive salary, paid holidays and personal time, plus life insurance and the opportunity to participate in a 401(k) plan. We also provide housing for those who live more than 50 miles (80 km) from the workplace.

Internships are often offered, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Graphics Technology
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Interior Design
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Logistics and Planning
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • Corporate Responsibility

Students must have completed their freshman year in college by the time the internship begins. Post-graduate students are only eligible for an internship the semester immediately following graduation. Students must also be enrolled in a 4 year bachelors program, masters program, or PhD program. Students seeking an associates or certificate program will not be eligible.

Spring and Summer 2014 internships will be posted beginning on October 3, 2013. Spring positions will be available to apply to until October 31, 2013 and Summer positions will be available to apply to until December 5, 2013. If you are interested in joining our internship program, please return to our website during these dates to apply. You must apply online and during the dates listed above to be considered for an internship position.

Submitted resumes must include the following:

  • Grade Point Average (transcripts may be requested)
  • Major
  • Graduation Date
  • Previous work history/campus activities/project work

We'd love to meet you! We might be coming to visit your campus. Please visit the Events and Recruiting page to view our recruiting calendar.

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College Co-op Program

Start your career in an organization committed to excellence and employee development. The Gulfstream Co-op program was designed to provide career-enriching experiences for our future workforce. It enables students to rotate semesters at school with semesters at Gulfstream.

In addition to a competitive salary, paid holidays and personal time, students also receive life insurance and the opportunity to participate in a 401(k) plan. Gulfstream will provide housing for students who live more than 50 miles (80 km) from the workplace. Come join us. Work side-by-side with industry leaders and innovators.

Co-op opportunities are available, but not limited to, the following disciplines:

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Research & Design Engineering
  • Materials/Procurement

Basic Qualifications:

  • Be enrolled in a partner academic program while working toward a bachelor’s degree in the area of application
  • Have a basic knowledge of computer programs, techniques and concepts for the specific area of application
  • Be able to complete at least three semester rotations at Gulfstream

Contact your college’s Career Services Department or Division of Professional Practice to learn more about our co-op opportunities.