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Gulfstream Aerospace makes the world’s most advanced business aircraft. The company’s reputation for excellence stems as much from customer service—before, during and after the sale—as from the quality of Gulfstream aircraft.

Repair and Overhaul Sales


Tim Cundy ⁄ ⁄  Regional Sales Executive, Repair & Overhaul

Mobile: +1 912 484 3689

Timothy Thompson ⁄ ⁄  Senior Regional Sales Manager, Repair & Overhaul

Territories: Eastern United States, South America
Mobile: +1 912 661 0853

Daniel Bendig ⁄ ⁄  Senior Operations Manager, Repair & Overhaul

Mobile: +1 912 346 5048

James White ⁄ ⁄  APU Repairs, Repair & Overhaul

Mobile: +1 912 667 8309

Ignacio "Nacho" Jara ⁄ ⁄  Regional Sales Manager, Repair & Overhaul

Office: +1 562 810 5309

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Company History

Company History

All business aviation, regardless of manufacturer, traces its roots to Gulfstream. Roy Grumman, co-founder of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, proposed the development of a purpose-built business aircraft at World War II’s end.

Product Support

Customer Support

At Gulfstream, the only true complement to innovative aeronautics is impeccable product support.

Gulfstream Career Opportunities


A fulfilling career and a great place to work challenge the mind, drive creativity and innovation, and inspire teamwork and mutual respect.



Gulfstream is respected internationally for engineering and designing technologically advanced aircraft and systems that consistently redefine business aviation. Expect that standard to continue.