Gulfstream Pre-Owned

Available Aircraft

G550 5526


Gulfstream G550 S/N 5526

Model Year: 2016

Forward Galley
Crew Rest Area
Total hours: 1,320
Total landings: 383
Asking price: $37,250,000


Gulfstream G550 S/N 5491

Model Year: 2015

Aft Galley
Crew Rest Area
Total hours: 1,330
Total landings: 617
Asking price: $36,500,000


Gulfstream G550 S/N 5377

Model Year: 2012

Forward Galley
Crew Rest Area
Total hours: 858
Total landings: 302
Asking price: $30,750,000

G450 4175 exterior


Gulfstream G450 S/N 4175

Model Year: 2010

Aft Galley
Total hours: 2,125
Total landings: 1,062
Asking price: $14,250,000


Gulfstream G280 S/N 2047

Model Year: 2014

Forward Galley
Total hours: 1,242
Total landings: 888
Asking price: $16,950,000

Gulfstream G450 S/N 4048

Model Year: 2006

Forward Galley
Total hours: 5,102
Total landings: 1924
Asking price: $11,250,000

Gulfstream G550 S/N 5345

Model Year: 2011

Aft Galley
Crew Rest Area
Total hours: 2,999
Total landings: 1,357
Asking price: $26,950,000

Citation III S/N 650-0176

Model Year: 1989

Forward Galley
Total hours: 9261
Total landings: 7043
Asking price: $725,000


Gulfstream G150 S/N 325

Model Year: 2017

Forward Galley
Total hours: 129
Total landings: 78
Asking price: $8,950,000

Award-Winning Aircraft And Support

Gulfstream Service Centers

Service Centers

Gulfstream aircraft operate worldwide yet never fly beyond the reach of the company’s service network.

Support Services

Support Services

For more than five decades, Gulfstream has been an industry leader in providing new technology that helps pilots fly longer, faster and safer.

Product Enhancements

Product Enhancements

With each innovation, Gulfstream enhances its newest aircraft but also extends those advancements to its earlier models, allowing those owners to keep the best of the past while embracing the future.

Gulfstream G650ER

Gulfstream G650ER

No other business aircraft can fly as far as the G650ER. The G650ER also has the fastest cruise rate on longer ranges.