Gulfstream G550 S/N 5421This aircraft has been sold and is currently unavailable

Status as of: September 28, 2016


Gulfstream G550 S/N 5421 Registration N421GD
Total time on aircraft 1,370 hours
Total landings 340 landings
Certificate of airworthiness March 25, 2013
Entry into service August 12, 2013


BMW Rolls-Royce BR700-710C4-11 Left Engine Right Engine
Serial number S/N 15959 S/N 15960
Time since new 1,370 hours 1,370 hours
Cycles since new 340 cycles 340 cycles


Honeywell RE220 S/N P-754  
Time since new 808 hours

Programs And Maintenance

Engines enrolled on Rolls Royce Corporate Care
Engines maintained On Condition


Cabin layout Sixteen-passenger configuration, forward galley, forward crew rest
Forward cabin Four single seats with two executive tables
Mid cabin Four-place conference group with an opposing credenza
Aft cabin Two four-place divans
Galley Forward galley with high-temp oven, microwave and Aerolux espresso machine
Lavatory Forward crew vacuum lavatory, aft passenger vacuum lavatory


Seats Aeristo Belvedair Katarina Leather
Divan Osborne & Little Nina Campbell Peruzzi
Headliner / Upper sidewall Tapis Corporation Ultraleather Biscuit
Lower sidewall Townsend Leather Classic Cow Sandbar
Countertops Bella Terra Riviera Corian
Metal finish High Tech Black Pearl Brushed Satin
Wood Carl Booth Natural Bamboo Veneer
Carpet Tai Ping Bisque Truffle Cavier
Exterior Matterhorn White with red, blue, purple and gray stripes

Cabin Equipment

Honeywell MCS-7000 SATCOM
Aircell Axxess II Iridium satellite telephone system
Airshow 4000 V2 software
Two dual DVD players
24-inch LCD monitor in forward left-hand bulkhead
24-inch LCD monitor in aft right-hand bulkhead
9-inch LCD plug-in crew rest rest
Four 9-inch LCD personal monitors (each single seat)


  Honeywell PlaneView™ Flight Director
4 Honeywell DU-1310 Flat Panel Display Units
1 Honeywell/Kollsman VGS Visual Guidance System
3 Honeywell MAU-913 Modular Avionics Units
1 Honeywell GP-500 Flight Guidance Panel
3 Honeywell MC-850 Multifunction Control Display Units
3 Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modules
1 Honeywell WU-880 Weather Radar Receiver/Transmitter Antenna
2 Honeywell WC-884 Weather Radar Controllers
3 Honeywell IR-500 LASEREF V Micro Intertial Reference Units
3 Honeywell AV-900 Audio Panels
2 Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeters - Honeywell KRA-405B
1 Universal CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
1 Universal FDR Flight Data Recorder
1 L3 EBDI-4000 Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI)
1 L3 GH-3100 Standby Attitude/Airspeed/Altitude Indicator
1 L3 TCAS-3000 Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System (7.1)
1 Miltope   Printer (Flight Deck)

Installed Options

Enhanced Navigation (Incl. WAAS, LPV, FANS 1/A)
Honeywell high-speed data HD-710 with CNX 200 router
ARINC DirectSM-Datalink service provider
Maximum zero fuel gross weight, 53,500 pounds placard
Securaplane 500 external camera system
Enhanced soundproofing
GoGoBiz In-flight Internet
Honeywell LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor

New Aircraft Warranties - Fully Transferable

Production component labor and material Until August 12, 2018
Production structural labor and material Until August 12, 2033 or 20,000 hours
Rolls-Royce engine material Until August 12, 2018 or 2,500 engine hours
Rolls-Royce Nacelle Until August 12, 2033

Price and Payment Terms

2013 Gulfstream G550 S/N 5421 is for sale with the following payment terms:

  1. Price of the aircraft is: $35,950,000
  2. A refundable initial deposit with an Escrow Agent of $500,000 and the execution of a Gulfstream provided Letter of Intent will hold the aircraft until Sales Agreement negotiations are completed.
  3. A second deposit of $1,500,000 shall be paid at the time of execution of the Sales Agreement. This second deposit, along with the initial deposit, becomes non-refundable at execution of the Sales Agreement.
  4. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid at delivery.



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