Gulfstream PlaneConnect

Comprehensive In-Flight Review

Maintenance management and aircraft availability get an additional boost with the Gulfstream-created PlaneConnect program, an onboard, in-flight computer program that monitors aircraft systems and emails maintenance information to operators’ technicians.

Gulfstream was the first business aircraft manufacturer to offer the onboard monitoring, which is available in the Gulfstream G450, the Gulfstream G550, the Gulfstream G650, the Gulfstream G650ER and in the earlier model Gulfstream G350 and Gulfstream G500.

Multiple system redundancies designed into every Gulfstream aircraft allow most identified issues to be deferred as a scheduled repair, but the PlaneConnect notification provides a first alert for technicians on the ground and often specifies the part or component needed, which allows technicians to place orders and coordinate maintenance, sometimes even before the aircraft reaches its destination.

PlaneConnect also provides the option of including Gulfstream Technical Operations in the in-flight email notifications. If Technical Operations has been provided access to the aircraft’s position information, notification is sent to parts centers located near the aircraft’s destination. Parts are shipped only on owner or operator approval.

In the G650 and the G650ER, computer monitoring goes a step further with Health and Trend Monitoring (HTM). The HTM system anticipates when a part or component is nearing a maintenance review and sends the appropriate alert to its land-based operator technician.

Experience Product Enhancements

Broadband Multilink

Broadband Multilink (BBML)

One of the best advantages Gulfstream business travel offers is the ability to continue a work day―even while jetting through the air at 562 miles/904 kilometers or more an hour.

Gulfstream PlaneDeck

Gulfstream PlaneDeck

The Gulfstream GIV and Gulfstream GV cockpits leap forward in avionics capability with a PlaneDeck retrofit, which replaces the original Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) primary flight displays with sharper, more vivid Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

Gulfstream PlaneBook

Gulfstream PlaneBook

Trade bulky flight manuals for one slim, portable, easily updated, interactive tablet―that’s the advantage of PlaneBook, a software program created by Gulfstream pilots and technical writers.

Enhanced Vision System

Enhanced Vision System

Picture this approach: A large-cabin business jet is about to land during a rainy night at Portugal’s Madeira Airport―one of the most daunting runways in the world with jagged mountains on one side, ocean on the other and constantly shifting crosswinds in play.