Budgeting Without A Doubt

Stability is important for optimal flight. Experienced aircraft operators know stability also matters when budgeting for maintenance costs and parts replacement.

That’s where Gulfstream PlaneParts helps.

Rather than facing fluctuating costs and different service centers with unfamiliar parts and components, operators can rely on PlaneParts to remove that uncertainty, whether for one aircraft or a fleet. The administrative headache of juggling maintenance at different shops with different warranties and different billing cycles vanishes, too.

PlaneParts makes maintenance administration simple.

Fixed monthly payments are based on the number of hours a jet is flown. Aircraft owners don’t have to worry about rising maintenance costs because they are guaranteed a fixed rate for 12 months. If repairs cost less than the total payments at year’s end, the remainder fully rolls over to the next contract year. If repairs cost more than the total payments at year’s end, Gulfstream absorbs 100 percent of the deficit.

Owners have the added assurance that their aircraft is being maintained by highly skilled Gulfstream technicians using Gulfstream components.

PlaneParts also brings added value to an aircraft sale. The contract is fully transferable during its life to a new owner.

To give operators ample time to weigh the benefits of PlaneParts, Gulfstream offers a 12-month trial period.

Explore Product Enhancements


The increased visibility from GAViS provides pilots better reference points, which improves pilots’ situational awareness and allows them to respond more effectively to changing flight conditions.

Gulfstream PlaneConnect

Maintenance management and aircraft availability get an additional boost with the Gulfstream-created PlaneConnect program, an onboard, in-flight computer program that monitors aircraft systems and emails maintenance information to operators’ technicians.

Enhanced Vision System

Picture this approach: A large-cabin business jet is about to land during a rainy night at Portugal’s Madeira Airport―one of the most daunting runways in the world with jagged mountains on one side, ocean on the other and constantly shifting crosswinds in play.

Gulfstream PlaneDeck

The Gulfstream GIV and Gulfstream GV cockpits leap forward in avionics capability with a PlaneDeck retrofit, which replaces the original Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) primary flight displays with sharper, more vivid Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).