Advanced Medevac

Gulfstream aircraft provide some of the greatest program flexibility when used for air medical services and emergency medical evacuation.

  • Critical Care: A specially modified Gulfstream G550 is leading the way in innovation. The emergency response aircraft is outfitted with medical equipment including X-ray viewing equipment, 360-degree in-flight patient access, and advanced life-support capabilities.
  • Quick Conversion: Gulfstream aircraft can convert easily from executive use to medical support in as little as two hours. Wide, comfortable club seats, which lie flat for sleeping, can be replaced with medical beds, and ports installed along the sidewall, almost unnoticeable when not in use, are available to plug in medical monitoring equipment and oxygen feeds. It’s an outfitting option that also allows high-profile individuals to travel discreetly to and from medical facilities.
  • Easy Access: Gulfstream aircraft provide easy access from the tarmac to the cabin for patients in stretchers and wheelchairs, further ensuring patient comfort and reducing the risk of injury for medical personnel. The unit assembles and disassembles quickly and stores easily in the baggage area.