Special Missions

Priority Transport

Deciding how to best transport a nation’s leader isn’t done without careful consideration and analysis.

Safety, reliability, communication capabilities, payload, business suitability and comfort are among the considerations for air travel. In 26 countries, a Gulfstream operates as a head-of-state aircraft, and 11 more nations rely on Gulfstream to transport additional leadership personnel and VIPs. More than 19 percent of the world’s countries depend on Gulfstream to support their government and military operations.

Gulfstream’s highly adaptable interior allows modifications for user-specific configurations, including encrypted communications.

Four nations have specially configured Gulfstreams in service as dedicated medevac aircraft or as VIP aircraft that can be converted for medevac use.

Equally important is Gulfstream’s consistently excellent reliability ratings. Gulfstream aircraft maintained a dispatch readiness rate of 99.7 percent throughout 2013, significantly besting contract requirements and outperforming all other private aircraft providers, according to contractor logistics support data recorded and verified for contracts with the U.S. Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines.

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Special Missions

Mission Types

Gulfstream aircraft have maintained a dispatch readiness rating of higher than 99 percent for aircraft that support every branch of the U.S. armed forces.

Advanced Vision Systems

Vision Systems

Gulfstream was the first civilian aircraft manufacturer to successfully develop and certify the nose-mounted infrared Enhanced Vision System™ (EVS), improving flight safety and situational awareness for pilots.

Gulfstream Cabin Management

Cabin Management

Gulfstream’s research and development efforts have created new systems that improve the cabin experience. The Gulfstream Cabin Management System incorporates touch-screen technology, allowing passengers to adjust lighting, window shades and entertainment from most hand-held Apple devices and select Google Android devices.

Special Missions Platforms


Gulfstream aircraft are highly adaptable for a range of uses, whether training NASA pilots or helping hurricane hunters track storms.